Champagne Gaston CHIQUET

Label information

Champagne labels give essential information such as the brand or winemaker’s name, the cru, its degree of sweetness (brut, demi-sec, etc.) and, in the case of vintage champagnes, the year of production. Also important is the status of the winemaker, indicated on the label with a two-letter abbreviation:

  • NM: a Négociant-Manipulant supplements their harvest to produce wine under their own brand. Most major Champagne houses have this status. They own vines, often not very many, and rely on contracts with other winegrowers to buy grapes.
  • RM: a Récoltant-Manipulant is a winemaker who grows and harvests their own grapes and produces their Champagne without buying other grapes or wine. Gaston Chiquet is a Récoltant-Manipulant.
  • CM: a Coopérative-Manipulante is a co-operative of growers who combine their grapes to be made into Champagne sold collectively under one or more names.
  • RC: a Récoltant-Coopérateur is a co-operative member who sells co -operativeproduced Champagne under their own brand name.
  • MA: a Marque Auxiliaire signifies a distributor who markets Champagne produced by a third party. Though the wine itself may come from different sources, it is sold under the same brand.