Champagne Gaston CHIQUET

Vinification by parcel

In order to conserve the character of each terroir and cepage, we practice vinification by parcel. We do this by collecting juice in small-volume (40-60 hl) stainless steel tanks .

Alcoholic fermentation
Alcoholic fermentation takes place after static settling during the week after pressing. To make the most of aromas resulting from fermentation, we use selected yeast and control the temperature.

Malolactic fermentation
Our wines always undergo a second, malolactic fermentation. This natural transformation of malic acid into lactic acid eliminates excessive acidity and makes the wine more stable. The process takes about 3 weeks and is provoked immediately after alcoholic fermentation in order to take advantage of the existing heat .

Collage et soutirage
After fermentation the wine is clarified by racking and pumped into new tanks. The base wine (vin clair or vin tranquille), not yet with bubbles, is now ready to be tasted and blended .