Champagne Gaston CHIQUET


The final step for extracting impurities remaining after the second alcoholic fermentation. The neck of the bottle is dipped in a cooling solution of –25° for about ten minutes.

This creates a frozen “plug” that contains any sediment and ejects itself when the metal bottle cap is removed.

Before disgorging, pressure inside the bottle is six atmospheres. Afterwards, it is five atmospheres – pressure loss is minimized.


Since Dom Pérignon's time, Champagne has been “topped up” after disgorging with a mixture of wine and sugar syrup. In keeping with the terroir, ours is made exclusively with sugar and "Blanc de Blancs d'Aÿ"

The dosages that we use :

 Non-vintage Vintage    Rosé
   6 to 9 g sugar per litre   8 g sugar per litre  9,6 g sugar per litre